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Hi,I’m xing yi ✨ A designer passionate about


Hi, I'm Xingyi Shae LUO


I'm a product/UX designer with an architectural twist. I'm all about weaving user-centered magic that connects the real and digital worlds to boost well-being and make life more enjoyable.

Right now, I'm deep in the master's journey learning User Experience Design and Human Computer Interaction Design @gatech, and make my expertise impact the real world a bit @bitsofgood




​📚🍂🎧🏫 @gatech

Capybara ❤️




kpop 🔟


In case that you wanna know me more :)


🧒 Back in my early years, I was the quiet and 'odd kid' in the crowd, someone who didn't quite fit into the world and had an unconventional adolescence. After years of self-education and personal growth, I've transformed into a life experience designer, who have a a strong sense of self, and inner harmony. Most importantly, I've come to understand who I choose to be and fully embrace the present moment.

💃 I find joy in various activities such as reading, journaling, listening to music, dancing, chatting, taking leisurely walks, experimenting with makeup and fashion, and exploring new destinations through travel.

🔥 My true passion lies in using my unique outlook on life and people to enhance user experience in product design, making life living more effortless for people and leaving them see the beauty in life a little more.

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